Posted by Sarah on May 6, 2016

Don’t miss touring these 11 embassies during Passport DC: the best of culture, food, and fun

Passport DC takes place every May during Washington, DC’s International Cultural Awareness Month. Participants include 70 embassies in the DC area and more than 40 of DC’s cultural institutions. The embassy open houses are my fav. Click here for the list of the best embassies in a nutshell. In 2016, May 7 is “Around the World Embassy

Posted by Sarah on May 6, 2016

Why I’m interested in pooping around the world—and you should be, too

Bodily functions are a taboo subject. No one usually wants to talk poop. But I do. I suffer from irritable bowl syndrome, which means that I am always sick to my stomach (read: constant diarrhea). Wherever we are in the world, I’m on the prowl for a toilet. This has caused me to take careful note of

where in the world

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  • Final rays of sunlight hit Sterling as we watch the boats at sunset
  • Tried to make the chameleon smile but he didn
  • High on bananas #lemurtime #lemur
  • Making coconut pancakes from scratch, including scraping out the coconut and pounding the peanut butter with special Malagasy tools 😀
  • The coolest thing about these waterfalls? They start in the middle of the rock wall, flowing out of tunnels in the lava rock. There is no water source on top of the cliff!
  • Gratin de palmistes is an incredible French-Creole dish made from palm trees 🌴cooked with cream and cheese. So cool to eat and highly recommended- and didn