Sunset about

Hi, we're Sterling and Sarah! We are Montana natives who left our Washington, DC jobs to get married and travel the world.

In 2010, Sarah’s sister Melissa and three of our friends died in a plane crash. While working through that trauma, we have thought hard about optimizing our time on Earth. Every study we have read stresses that experiences make you happy, not stuff. So in early 2017, we sold/packed up our stuff and set off to experience the world.

We hope readers will relate to our stories (or find them weird). We want to talk about diarrhea adventures, share funny pictures and video, and provide tips for following in our footsteps. Or we’ll give up when we get malaria (Sarah already had dysentery). Stay tuned.

Who is Sarah? 

I married Sterling in March 2017—he is half Canadian, half American. 


Posing with a komodo dragon on Komodo Island, Indonesia

I like to make hair masks out of avocados

Dominican Republic hair mask

Clutching my hair jealously while hiking to the Damajaqua Waterfalls

I have irritable bowel syndrome. Check out our segment, Pooping 'round the world.

Tokyo toilet buttons

Fancy Tokyo toilet buttons

I LOVE squirrel monkeys. And crocodiles. And fireworks.


Squirrel monkey!

This was my sister Melissa after cheating at the beer Olympics.

Melissa Beer Olympics

This game involves the speed of flip-cup with the pain of shotgunning, while holding your breath. It's glorious. – Melissa

Who is Sterling?

I grew up in Billings, Montana—down the street from Sarah. 

Sarah and Sterling fishing

Sarah and Sterling in 2006!

I am an American and a Canadian (not half and half).


Tan as a Vancouverite in winter

I graduated with Michael J. Fox.

UBC graduation with Michael J Fox

You can see him on stage if you squint!

I am a big Green Bay Packers fan.

Packer game purple sky

Packers vs. Broncos at Lambeau Field, December 28, 2003

I am obsessed with climbing mountains and towers for landscape and city views.

Sterling and Eiffel Tower from Arc

Paris, duh