Sarah Skerwink Trail cover photo

The Skerwink Trail: An Afternoon of World-Class Scenery in Newfoundland

Where: Port Rexton, Newfoundland When: Spring – fall (June – August are nicest) Round trip: 5.3 km The Skerwink Trail is the Holy Grail of hiking: world-class scenery, uncrowded, and easy. Less famous than some other hikes, the Skerwink Trail punches well above its weight. In 5.3 short kilometers, the Skerwink Trail contains hidden beaches, sea cliffs, […]

Indonesian squat toilet

Pooping In Indonesia: A How-To Toilet Guide

In Indonesia, water is the cleanser of choice. Toilet paper is rare. Wipe options will vary. You may see a hose, a bucket and water, or toilet paper. In many cases, wiping is a hands-on affair, with a preference for using the left hand over the right. After traveling to nine of Indonesia’s islands and […]

2016 Capitol Pride Festival

Celebrating the Beauty of Pride in Our Nation’s Capital

Following the tragedy in Orlando, DC’s Capital Pride Festival provided a resounding counterpoint: love conquers hate. Thousands gathered to celebrate love, support the LGBT community,  and remember those lost. Despite advancements in recent years, the fight for a more tolerant and just society continues. Capital Pride sponsors numerous celebrations throughout June, with big highlights including the parade and festival. This year, […]

Yellowstone National Park geyser

Nine Sanctimonious Reactions You Read After Every Yellowstone Incident

Colin Scott died in Yellowstone National Park last week after stepping off the boardwalks and falling into a hot spring. His death follows a string of recent news articles involving tourists breaking rules in Yellowstone, either by getting too close to animals or leaving marked pathways. Each incident invokes the same sanctimonious reactions: “Stupid tourist!/I’m […]

Red Rock Canyon hike

Red Rock Canyon: a nature lover’s dream—just outside of Las Vegas

Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is a spectacular and often overlooked natural wonder just outside Las Vegas. Red Rock Canyon’s proximity to the city makes for an easy day trip after partying has ceased. What makes Red Rock Canyon so special? More than 500 million years ago, Red Rock Canyon was at the bottom of an […]


Indonesians – They’re Just Like Us!

Just as Us Weekly taught you about celebrities being “just like us,” we show you that Indonesians also are just like you and me. 1. They enjoy a good selfie  2. They play sports 3. They play soccer 4. And tug of war 5. They hang out with Grandpa 6. And drop their kids off at school 7. They […]


One-star review of Turkey

There are many reasons to visit Turkey. You won’t find them here. 1. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus—the original mausoleum. One of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World. Now it’s a literal pit. 2. This statue in Antalya of a boy about to be touched by an uncle: 3. The Paul Martin Canada store, named […]


Don’t miss touring these 11 embassies during Passport DC: the best of culture, food, and fun

Passport DC takes place every May during Washington, DC’s International Cultural Awareness Month. Participants include 70 embassies in the DC area and more than 40 of DC’s cultural institutions. The embassy open houses are my fav. Click here for the list of the best embassies in a nutshell. In 2016, May 7 is “Around the World Embassy […]

buttons toyko

Why I’m interested in pooping around the world—and you should be, too

Bodily functions are a taboo subject. No one usually wants to talk poop. But I do. I suffer from irritable bowl syndrome, which means that I am always sick to my stomach (read: constant diarrhea). Wherever we are in the world, I’m on the prowl for a toilet. This has caused me to take careful note of […]