Celebrating the Beauty of Pride in Our Nation’s Capital

June 15, 2016 Sarah No comments exist

Following the tragedy in Orlando, DC’s Capital Pride Festival provided a resounding counterpoint: love conquers hate. Thousands gathered to celebrate love, support the LGBT community,  and remember those lost. Despite advancements in recent years, the fight for a more tolerant and just society continues.

Capital Pride sponsors numerous celebrations throughout June, with big highlights including the parade and festival. This year, the festival fell on June 12th.

The festival attracted thousands of people to Pennsylvania Avenue on Sunday. It was filled with joy, celebration, and displays of love and compassion, along with moments of silence and music dedicated to lives lost in Orlando.

Charlie Puth's moving tribute of 'See You Again' to the Orlando victims

Pride is a beautiful series of events, celebrated with color, food, and drink.

Body painting and art area

Fresh squeezed lemonade

Street food

The festival was powerful and the location and timing made it particularly moving.

Pennsylvania Avenue

It made me proud to be a citizen of the United States.

The First Amendment, etched into the Newseum, overlooks the festival

The feeling at Pride extends beyond celebrations of the LGBT community. The events celebrate so many of our rights as Americans; which admittedly I am often guilty of forgetting to be grateful for. Our right to free speech, the right to love whom we choose, and the right to pick the leaders who represent us on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s all celebrated and encouraged.

Voter registration booths

Point being: Pride is important to celebrate—last Sunday, today, and every day.

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