Posted by Sarah on November 1, 2016

The not-so-hidden camping spot next to Firefly Music Festival

In 2016, we failed to buy camping passes for Firefly Music Festival. A few days before the festival, we realized they were sold out (oops). We tried everything we could think of: Craigslist, message boards, Reddit. This is the story of how we accidentally ended up with the BEST camping spot ever for Firefly Music Festival—and why

Posted by Sterling Laudon on October 2, 2016

The Skerwink Trail: An Afternoon of World-Class Scenery in Newfoundland

Where: Port Rexton, Newfoundland When: Spring – fall (June – August are nicest) Round trip: 5.3 km The Skerwink Trail is the Holy Grail of hiking: world-class scenery, uncrowded, and easy. Less famous than some other hikes, the Skerwink Trail punches well above its weight. In 5.3 short kilometers, the Skerwink Trail contains hidden beaches, sea cliffs,

Posted by Sarah on July 9, 2016

Pooping In Indonesia: A How-To Toilet Guide

In Indonesia, water is the cleanser of choice. Toilet paper is rare. Wipe options will vary. You may see a hose, a bucket and water, or toilet paper. In many cases, wiping is a hands-on affair, with a preference for using the left hand over the right. After traveling to nine of Indonesia’s islands and

Posted by Sarah on June 15, 2016

Celebrating the Beauty of Pride in Our Nation’s Capital

Following the tragedy in Orlando, DC’s Capital Pride Festival provided a resounding counterpoint: love conquers hate. Thousands gathered to celebrate love, support the LGBT community,  and remember those lost. Despite advancements in recent years, the fight for a more tolerant and just society continues. Capital Pride sponsors numerous celebrations throughout June, with big highlights including the parade and festival. This year,

Posted by Sterling Laudon on June 12, 2016

Nine Sanctimonious Reactions You Read After Every Yellowstone Incident

Colin Scott died in Yellowstone National Park last week after stepping off the boardwalks and falling into a hot spring. His death follows a string of recent news articles involving tourists breaking rules in Yellowstone, either by getting too close to animals or leaving marked pathways. Each incident invokes the same sanctimonious reactions: “Stupid tourist!/I’m

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  • Christmas display in Siem Reap, Cambodia! We sang along to "Winter Wonderland" and watched kids play in a giant "snow"globe! ❄☃ This is our first year abroad for the holidays. It was nice to have a feeling of home, see "snow," and witness some Christmas cheer 🎄😃 #fromangkor #tgalleriaangkor #givelovetogether
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  • We had breakfast at this beach restaurant so we could play with the puppy that lived there. He loved racing around by the ocean and all things food.

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